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Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a solid career foundation in journalism, research, content development, SEO, and strategic communications. Collaborating with a multitude of professionals in different industries, I have amassed a substantial amount of premium content for businesses, organizations, political candidates, and private clients. My portfolio consists of copywriting material, journalism pieces, graphic design work, social media ads, email marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, print advertisements, and mailer ads.

On the journalism and editorial side of my career, I have an extensive portfolio that consists of more than 9,500 written publications. I’ve had an opportunity to work for print publications, newspapers, and online outlets developing blog posts, white papers, articles, news reports, social media marketing posts, and much more.

In leadership, I’ve gained experience in creative direction and project management working with small teams of professionals to complete large-scale assignments. 

My creative expertise and communication skills have allowed me to establish and maintain long-term client relationships with an exceptional list of companies. The client list provided below includes some of the companies I’ve completed projects for:

The Client List: 


Below you’ll find samples of copy I’ve written. The individual descriptions include my creative responsibilities for each project. In addition to content creation, I was also responsible for graphic design, printing, and bulk mailing. My work is a clear indication of my professional versatility. 

Proven Results:

As a content specialist and communications strategist, I’ve created hundreds of optimized publications that have performed exceptionally well on the search engines. On a monthly basis, I’ve averaged more than one million views with multiple companies I’ve written for. My content has allowed companies to grow their readership, reach more social media users, expand their fan base, generate leads, and boost conversion rates.

Blog / Ghostwriting Posts:

I published my first blog post in 2008 and I’ve been blogging for various companies ever since. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to create content for USA, Demand Media,,, and I Love Old School Music to name a few.

I’ve shared multiple screen captures of content I’ve written for different outlets and online brands. To ensure I produce the best content, I’ve made it my job to gain a thorough understanding of Web traffic and Google Analytics. In addition to content screen captures, I’ve also included a snapshot of one of my Google Analytics reports. For confidentiality purposes, the name of the company and the post titles have been covered.

Check out a few links to different types of content I’ve written on various topics over the years:

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Digital Marketing:

In my latest role as a Content Writer/Aggregator/Editor for an online media brand, I work from my remote office with a daily focus on content development creating blog posts, news articles, social media campaigns, slideshow content, and developing research topics. To create the best content possible, I regularly partake in strategic planning discussions with our Executive Editor and Creative Content Director to discuss and refine our content marketing and communication strategies.

Noteworthy achievements include:

  • – Developed content that contributed to the accelerated growth of the company’s most successful brand which is now worth more than $72 million.
  • – Contributed to the company’s $8 million digital marketing and advertising revenue growth for its secondary brand launched in 2016.
  • – Accelerated the company’s social media platform by aiding in the creation of content campaigns that helped grow the news outlet’s 4.2 million monthly readership
  • – Collaborated with the Executive Editor and Creative Content Director to build the brand’s 300,000-user Facebook following for its secondary brand.
  • – Strategically wrote, developed, and edited articles that consistently averaged approximately 250,000 to 500,000 views each month consistently from 2016 to 2018.
  • – Aided in the hiring process for an additional news aggregator I trained/mentored to duplicate the company’s strategic writing structure for developing high performing content that generates consistent traffic.

For another online outlet, I opted to provide niche-based content. So I developed a Facebook following tailored toward the appropriate audience for that niche. With strategic marketing and well-developed advertisement campaigns, I managed to successfully establish social media accounts in a matter of weeks. Despite having a fixed marketing budget, the targeted advertisement structure contributed to one of the pages attracting more than 25,000 followers in just under six weeks.

To view my full resume, click HERE. For a brief list of the companies I’ve worked for or been contracted to, you can also check out my LinkedIn page.

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