Online Resume:

To view my full resume, click HERE. For a brief list of the companies I’ve worked for or been contracted to, you can also check out my LinkedIn page.

Getting The Job Done:

Over the past 10 years, I have created a substantial amount of premium content for businesses, organizations, political candidates, and consumers. My portfolio consists of online content such as blog posts, copywriting projects, case studies, articles, news reports, social media and email marketing campaigns, etc.

Blog / Ghostwriting Posts:

I published my first blog post in 2008 and I’ve been blogging for various companies ever since. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to create content for USA, Demand Media,, and I Love Old School Music to name a few.

Many of my articles have performed exceptionally via Yahoo!  and Google due to my experience writing search engine optimized material. I currently write for four different blog brands under one company umbrella maintaining the writing tone of the company’s brand.

Below you’ll find links to an array of articles I’ve written on various topics.

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Should A Woman Shave Her Face? Women Who Shave Their Face Like Men Age Better, According To Experts [Report]


As an online journalist, I’ve created thousands of articles and many have gone viral. On a monthly basis, I’ve averaged more than one million views with multiple companies I’ve written for. My content has allowed companies to grow their readership and social media following, expand their fan base, generate leads, and boost conversion rates.

Below is a screen capture of one of my Google Analytics reports. For confidentiality purposes, the name of the company and the post titles have been covered.

Digital Marketing:

To circulate content I’ve written, I opted to build niche social media accounts for targeted audiences. With strategic marketing and well-developed advertisement campaigns, I managed to successfully establish the social media accounts in a matter of weeks. Despite having a fixed marketing budget, the targeted advertisement structure contributed to one of the pages attracting more than 25,000 followers in just under six weeks.

Research Projects / Technical Writing:

Prior to producing online content, my focus was technical writing, research and analysis, academic writing, and product reviews. Many of the assignments I wrote were based on structured writing and strict style guides. As a writer, I’m relatively flexible with the ability to cover many different areas of writing. My technical writing experience includes contract writing and editing.

The image below contains a link to one of my research and analysis papers.


Below, you’ll also find the link to another research assignment I wrote for The Black Loop. The article discusses little-known facts about the story behind the face on the back of the $2 bill. Over the past year, I’ve completed more than 25 research writing assignments.

The Truth About the Only Black Man On The Back Of The $2 Bill

Editorial Work:

From blog posts, social media posts, articles, and journalistic material to political copy, written contracts, long-form articles, and manuscripts, I’ve had the opportunity to work on an array of projects over the past decade. On a monthly basis, I average approximately 50 to 100 pieces of written material.

My latest editorial project was a 70-page book titled Seasons of Change, written by upcoming author Amanda Ashley. Structural and developmental editing and light autobiographical ghostwriting were required for this project. In addition to editorial work, I was responsible for book formatting ahead of printing.

Design/Print Work:

Since 2007, I’ve worked on copywriting projects, marketing campaigns, graphic design projects, and print work for private clients. The works presented below are just a few pieces from my design and writing portfolio.

For projects showcased below, I collaborated with my clients to understand their goals and any design specifications they had.

With the political candidates, I worked closely with their campaign manager to create vibrant, visual representations of their character and political purpose. These high-quality political postcard mailouts were created for the 2016 election season. My responsibilities included copywriting, editing, graphic design work, and printing. 

With hard work on the campaign trail, strong support platforms, great copy, consistent advertising, and unwavering work ethic, both candidates were elected to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council.


For this particular project, I was solely responsible for copywriting, editorial work, and printing. After receiving the company’s history, I used the information to create fresh content and copy for the purpose of rebranding, marketing, and business expansion.

(Design template for brochure above not available for redistribution or purchase.)

My company, Dagney Media & Publishing, LLC, specializes in the editing, design, and printing of funeral programs. Upon request, I also offer ghostwriting services for bereaved families. This writing service includes obituary writing, poetry, personal tributes, acknowledgments, and other text for funeral programs. Over the past three years, I have created more than 100 custom designed books for families and local funeral directors.

Have further questions about my portfolio or areas of expertise? Feel free to contact me!