About Me:

As a driven entrepreneur, Meaghan began her career as a writer in the freelance industry in 2008 with a first writing paycheck of only $15.00. Talk about motivation! Despite her humble beginnings, she was determined to succeed.

By the end of her first year as a freelancer, she had produced more than 450 written pieces of published content. Her portfolio consisted of blog posts, listicles, technical manuals, tutorials, product research, travel guides, and hotel reviews for online publications. She went on to create content for notable publications like USA Today, Livestrong.com, eHow.com, About.com, Travel.com and more. For private clients, her focus was mainly copywriting, resume writing, creative writing, and design. In 2012, she joined the writing team at iEntry, Inc. turning her writing focus toward article writing and trending topics. Her work led to an invitation to work with Inquisitr News.

The years that followed were ultimately a time of personal and professional growth. Determined to rise above mediocrity, Meaghan worked unabatingly to establish and solidify her reputation as a successful writer and editor. By 2014, she’d mastered the structure of SEO writing for digital marketing purposes with more than 4,000 pieces of written Web content. Her SEO and SMO-friendly articles were collectively averaging approximately one million page views monthly.

In 2015, Meaghan ventured outside of the freelance world amalgamating her strongest skill sets to launch Dagney Media & Publishing, LLC an all-inclusive creative studio offering writing, editorial, design, and printing services. Now, Meaghan has three focal points in life: womanhood, motherhood, and business with the best yet to come.